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The Truth About Minoxidil for Women

Although science has brought us many fantastic new technologies, when it comes to hair loss, the options for hair loss aren’t nearly as advanced.

As far as non-prescription treatment options go, minoxidil, which was originally developed as a treatment for hypertension to help increase more blood flow, and it has been the go to drug for many years.

It was the first approved medicine for her regrowth and approved for over the counter use in the 1990’s. It became a go-to for women with hair loss, and is the most common choice.

While minoxidil promotes hair shedding during the telogen phase, accelerating the hair into the anagen phase, it is only claim is that it helps hair loss on the crown area, with very little improvement on the frontal hair.

"Minoxidil is used for retaining hair, and not regrowth," says Misti Barnes, trichologist, trainer an hair loss expert in St. Petersburg, Florida.

There are other ways to help combat the causes of hair loss, which includes DHT inhibition, and minoxidil as well as other topical medications, just aren't that effective in the long term for women. 

"As a hair loss expert, I see women every day who have itching and irritation, along with facial hair growth from minoxidil. They also tell me it simply doesn't do much for them."

So, if you are tired of using minoxidil and not getting results, you owe it to yourself to try something that has worked for people across the globe.

You owe it to yourself to try something that is natural and will not have adverse effects.

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