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Cellustrious® Rescue My Hair, In-Office Consultation: Lakewood Ranch, Bradenton, Florida

Misti Barnes, founder of Cellustrious®, certified trichologist and sought-after hair loss expert will provide the Cellustrious® Hair Rescue Roadmap in person in St. Petersburg, Florida. 

In your Trichological Hair Rescue Consultation, you'll get...

  • Trichoscopy Exam:A dermoscopic examination to evaluate scalp conditions and follicle health; you’ll even get to see the pictures for yourself!
  • Medical Analysis To identify underlying health conditions contributing to your hair loss. You can bring your latest lab results for review.
  • Lifestyle Analysis To discover key risk factors
  • Nutritional Analysis To pinpoint deficiencies that may require supplementation
  • Customized Growth Plan Based on your specific needs and diagnosis.

You'll not only receive an in-depth assessment and plan, you’ll also discover…

What most doctors won’t tell you (and don’t know) about genetic hair loss

What your gut health reveals about your hair loss

How to improve scalp and hair health in 5 minutes a day

Plus ... discover the 7 things you're doing that may cause hair loss at a cellular level...

We guarantee we'll get to the root cause of your hair loss or your money back.