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Grow Up to 50% More Hair in 3 Months...

You need to know the real reasons you're losing your hair or you're powerless to stop it...

Most hair loss diagnoses are fundamentally flawed and based on outdated research.

That's why we take time to do an in-depth trichological diganosis of your hair, scalp, and overall health.

Then, we'll develop a custom, non-surgical, drug-free, treatment protocol that utilizes our 9+ powerful plant-based peptides, along with a treatment "roadmap" to target the exact causes of your hair loss.

Money-back guarantee: We'll identify the root cause of your hair loss or we'll return 100% of your money.

No Surgery | No Drugs | No Hormones | Plant-Based | Non-Toxic | No Downtime | Clinically-Tested Ingredients

Visible Hair Growth in 3, 6, or 9 Months...

Restore Your Hair with Cellustrious® Professional Services

Medical Analysis

Identification of hereditary, medical, hormonal or microbiome related causes (bring your labs for analysis).

Lifestyle Analysis

Determine existing environmental, lifestyle or behavioral factors that are contributing to your hair loss condition.

Nutritional Analysis

Pinpoint any nutritional deficiences and determine potential supplementation to promote hair growth.

Customized Plan

We'll create a custom plan using our drug-free, non toxic treatments designed to target dormant follicles.

Trichological Exam

Hair loss is rarely caused by one single factor. It's usually a combination of factors, which is why it requires professional expertise.

We'll start with a thorough examination of your hair follicles and scalp, as well as an analysis of medical, nutritional, hormonal, and lifestyle factors that might be contributing to your hair loss.

From there, we'll build a customized treatment plan to target the causes, and get you the best hair possible.

...Let's Get a Detailed Look at Your Scalp

A hair loss exam must include a microscopic analysis of the scalp and follicles. The naked eye can't detect scalp conditions that may be contributing to your hair loss.

With our trichoscope, we determine what needs to be addressed to restore your scalp and hair.

Our trichoscope shows hair and scalp conditions that would otherwise go untreated.

Cellustrious® Office Treatment

The Cellustrious® professional treatment combines 9 of the most powerful plant-based peptides and growth factors (ingredients backed by clinically-trials) known to support scalp health via wound-healing, inhibit DHT, and promote hair growth.

We use a nano-needling device in order to stimulate dormant follicles by stimulating the body's natural healing response.

Treatments last 45-60 minutes and are relatively painless.

Many patients compare it to a slight sunburn. We offer a topical anesthesia for your comfort.

There is no downtime. Return to your daily routine afterwards.

Patients typically require 6-8 monthly treatments to achieve desired results.

Love Your Hair Again

When you meet with us, you'll not only receive an in-depth assessment and breakthrough treatment plan, but you’ll also discover…

What most doctors won’t tell you (and don’t know) about genetic hair loss

What your gut health reveals about your hair loss

How to improve scalp and hair health in 5 minutes a day

Plus ... discover the 7 things you're doing that may cause hair loss at a cellular level...

We guarantee we'll get to the root cause of your hair loss or your money back.