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The REAL role DHT Plays in Hair Loss

When it comes to our scalps the accumulation of DHT is often associated is the main androgen that is the cause of pattern hair loss.

An imbalance of calcification regulators show that increased DHT androgen receptors and an imbalance of regulators leading to the calcification. Androgen receptors are the places inside the cells where androgens and DHT attach themselves by turning on or off, depending on whether androgens are nearby for calcification to occur.

An increase in androgens, DHT and an increase in androgen receptors must occur.

"But these are not the only causes of hair loss, and I am committed to finding a solution to helping those people with hair loss," says trichologist, Misti Barnes, who is also an author and trainer and hair loss specialist in St. Petersburg, Florida.

While androgens alone do not cause calcification and they are not the only reason for DHT, and DHT is not the only reason for hair loss.

In fact, we know that many medications do not do as well if they are treating androgens in males, because estrogen tends to accumulate with aging at the same time testosterone and anti-estrogen declines, an aging male or female may have more difficulty experiencing the effects of the drugs.

Barnes developed a treatment to help those who may or may not be losing hair due to DHT, along with a biochemist with a background in Hair science (Aveda L’Oreal) who holds 40 patents in hair patents.

Cellustrious® is a patent pending treatment which combines medical microneedling along with plant derived peptides, biosignals and cytokines, in order to target the main trigger that are the causes of hair loss. This includes DHT, but also other conditions, such as toxicity at the follicle base, inflammation, cell damage and cell proliferation.

Cellustrious® also offers an in office treatment as well as an at home kit that was designed to support the in-office treatments. 

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