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Although Hair does not have a vital function and human beings, a lot of the problem can be associated with our psychological functioning.

Cellustrious® look athair loss, as an inside out concern. If fact, at Cellustrious® we say that “hair loss is not the problem, hair loss is the symptom."

Hair lossis a difficult and complex problem. Cellustrious®, which was developed by trichologist, author and trainer, Misti Barnes, in St. Petersburg, Florida, utilizes a combination of microneedling along with plant-derived peptides, designed to target the causes of hair loss, including things like: toxicity inflammation, free radical damage, DHT production, as well as aging, with plant derived biofactors that were made to targeting those problems.

Barnes' Cellustrious® patent pending proprietary treatment is easy to administer, very reasonably priced, and requires no surgery or invasive injections, unlike PRP platelet rich plasma, or FUE or FUT.

Cellustrious® looks at the individual as a whole, sohair loss is not a one and done deal, and not a one-size-fits-all type of solution. We offer an in-office treatment, as well as an at-home kit.

The at home kit is a duplicate of the in-office treatment and includes the Cellustrious® hair follicle rejuvenation serum, scalp replenisher, scalp stamp and a leave in conditioner, all designed to help return the hair to a healthier state and support new growth.

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