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Cellustrious® Helping Scalp Calcification

Calcification and fibrosis are key to considering the causes of Hair loss. Additionally, calcification and fibrosis, just like hair loss, are chronic and progressive. This means that they cannot be stopped.

However, the good thing is we can target the things that trigger hair thinning and loss, and we may be able to potentially reverse hair loss. The Cellustrious® treatment created by Misti Barnes, along with a biochemist who holds 40 hair patents, and has a background in hair science (L’Oreal, Aveda), looks at the possibility that the reversal of calcification and fibrosis on the scalp, may help restore follicles by increasing oxygen, as well as blood and the nutrient flow to the hair. Part of the approach we take, when looking at hair loss, is considering the causes of calcification, blood flow and the effect that it may have on hair loss in men and in women.

Well there is still a lot to learn about calcification and fibrosis and the way that it impacts hair loss, we must continue to research how it can impact the hair and potentially lead tohair loss. There is evidence to conclude that calcification and fibrosis may have a link to hair loss. In fact, a University of Melbourne Department of Medicine and Epworth Hospital of Department of Dermatology Study has shown that when comparing non-balding scalps to balding scalps, the balding scalps produce finer, less pigmented hairs, which are noticeably less vascularized. When the balding scalp cultures were given an additional blood supply, the growth rates increased by 80%.

For those interested in learning about the role calcification and other factors can be impacting their own hair loss, or thinning, they can reach out to Misti Barnes at Cellustrious®, at 727-231-6689, in order to schedule a consultation. For those interested in learning more about Cellustrious® please contact us, and visit our website