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The pitfalls of surgical hair growth options for women

For women who have a problem with thinning or hair loss, most of the options they are given get very little results.

Sadly, doctors often go to FUE (follicular unit extraction) surgery as an option, even though most women will not respond to surgery, especially for women with hair loss. 

With  FUE, individual hair units are removed from the donor area using a micro punch. The follicle is removed individually, and transplanted into the scalp area.

Robotic technologies with optical sensors harvest the hair follicles in a scattered manner from an area of permanent hair, eliminating scarring and long recovery associated with other strip removal method. It is usually successful with very few complications.

The problem is that there is a fixed amount of good hair that can be taken - ending up with a situation where we "rob Peter to pay Paul."

In order to meet the patients’ goal, surgeons may fill cavity after cavity until they run out of good genetic hair – which eventually runs out. Additionally, most women are not good candidates for FUE for many reasons, and they find that the option of surgery is not a simple one that they want to consider.

For those people with hair loss we recommend a non-invasive, surgery free and drug-free option that does not involve painful injections, such as PRP. Cellustrious® uses microneedling along with five of the most powerful plant derived biosignals, peptides and cytokines in order to target the triggers that can cause hair loss. 

While surgery may be appropriate for some, it is not the solution for all, and there are many people who prefer a more natural, less invasive, drug free approach to their problem of hair loss and hair thinning. 

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