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Surgery Should NOT be the First Option for Hair Regrowth

Surgery for hair loss should not be a first course to take, as it will require more surgery.

"I have never treated a patient who had had just one hair loss suregery," says Misti Barnes, trichologist and hair loss expert in St. Petersburg, Florida. 

"Surgery can cause scar tissue, which impacts regrowth of the hair. While it might be a choice for very advanced hair loss, I recommend people start with a less invasive option.

Cellustrious®, which was created by Barnes as a non-invasive alternative to drug surgeries and invasive and painful injections,  along with a biochemist with a background in hair science (Aveda L’Oreal), and who holds more than 40 hair loss related patents.

Cellustrious® uses medical microneedling along with five of the most powerful, plant-derived growth factor cytokines and biosignals is an option for those wanting to stay away from surgical and invasive options. 

After undertaking much research and testing on hundreds of clients and patients, Cellustrious® has had an average of 90% success rate on patients, both male and female of all ages with hair loss. And it does not require surgery.

Growth factors, proteins that our bodies produce, have been used for years to treat major illnesses, and now we can use them to help trigger dormant follicles in the scalp. Cellustrious® has also been awarded the honor of “Best innovation in hair rejuvenation” by Aesthetic Everything medical trade organization for 2020.

When used in combination with the at home kits, our in office treatments are able to resolve scalp problems as well as loss. In a way that is non-toxic and non-invasive, does not need painful injections or medication.

"While I prefer to help patients with less invasive options, Cellustrious® can be used in conjunction with medications and other options such as surgery FUE, FUT exosomes, and PRP. 

If you are experiencing hair loss or even hair thinning, no matter your age, ethnicity. If you have had a transplant, or have had other treatments and not been successful this may be an option for you, go to our website to see some of our happy patients and their results at And learn more about how to schedule an appointment in our St. Petersburg, Florida, Clinic. Or call 727-231-6689.

Don’t let hair loss impact any more of your life, feel confident that you can look and feel better about yourself.