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Who Can Cellustrious® Help?

Cellustrious® is the latest Hair loss solution to enhanced hair health and an additional product and treatment option medical and licensed professionals can provide their patients and clients. 

The Cellustrious® Hair Rejuvenation product line, which is used at home after the in- office treatment, was developed by Trichologist, Collagen Restoration Therapist, author and trainer, Misti Barnes, along with a biochemist with a background in hair science who (LOreal, Aveda) and who holds 40 hair patents. Cellustrious® was designed to target the main causes of hair loss, in particular: calcification, toxicity, DHT production, stress, inflammation. We also address lifestyle and diet issues. When a patient is compliant with the overall protocol, we find the results are much more consistent and reliable.

The causes of hair loss are varied and complex, and most modern treatments do not address all aspects of the issue. The hair follicle is a mini-organ which has its own blood supply, and unfortunately tends to be ignored by physicians when it comes to overall health, until there is a problem.

At Cellustrious®, we think it’s important to address all of the potential triggers to hair loss, as well as educating the client in the process. 

We find that we can help many people who have not been responsive to other treatments, if they are able to make changes to their lifestyle, diet and maintain the protocol that we have recommended. Of course, not everyone is the right client for Cellustrious® Hair Rejuvenation, but many are and we are here to help them, if we can, at our office in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Individuals who are interested in this treatment, or would like to know if they are a good candidate, are encouraged to contact us at 727-231-6689. To learn more about our services and products, please visit us