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Thyroid, GMOs and Hair Loss

Is there a connection between thyroid, GMO's and Hair Loss?

While most of us have reduced grains and gluten from our diets to keep trim, scientists are now discovering that grains may play a role in chronic inflammation and hormonal imbalance, which can lead to calcification and fibrosis in the body and scalp.

Our thyroid is key to a healthy, hormonally balanced body. A suppressed thyroid gland leads to a weak immune system, susceptibility to hormonal imbalances, and a greater chance of calcification and fibrosis. 

The first (and maybe biggest) cause of chronic inflammation and a suppressed thyroid function is … grains! 

GMO’s can partially drive low-level, systemic inflammation. 

GMO’s contain altered protein structures. Modified soy and corn have proteins that can induce a toxic or allergenic-like responses in humans. When we ingest something that is toxic or allergenic, inflammation is the first response in the affected areas.

Studies show that overconsumption of GMO’s can - through tumor generation - disrupt hormone balance, causing reproductive disorders and infertility. These are endocrine system failures, and our endocrine system is largely powered by our thyroid.

75% of processed foods contain genetically modified ingredients. One of the main sources of GMOs come from grains.

The best solution? reduce GMO's and watch your intake of white flour and wheat products.