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Hair Loss Solutions: Cellustrious® Professional Training 

It is no secret that hair loss is it painful and difficult thing to deal with, whether you are male or female, and it often feels as if there are very few solutions that do not include drugs, invasive surgery, messy creams and supplements, and most of them don’t really work, as well as the fact that there may be side effects to many treatments. 

Cellustrious® is a non-invasive drug-free plant-derived option for those who want to forgo surgery or painful injections. 

Cellustrious® was developed by trichologist Misti Barnes, who is also an author, trainer and collagen restoration therapist with a clinic in St. Petersburg, Florida.

After refining her in-office Cellustrious® treatments for her patients, Barnes decided to work with a biochemist - who has a background in hair Science, and holds 40 hair related patents -  to help her treat hair loss. The treatment utilizesmicroneedling along with five of the most powerful plant derived peptides, growth factors in cytokines that are known to target the triggers that can lead to hair loss. 

The goal is to help people who are dealing with thinning hair and hair loss and those struggling with poor hair quality, whether they be male or female, no matter their age or ethnicity. 

Cellustrious® also offers professional training to medical doctors, medical spas, clinics and aesthetic clinics. We train doctors, nurses, PA’s, as well as aestheticians - in some states - on the in-office procedure.

If you are a clinic or medical doctor and would like to learn more about training you can reach us at and learn more about our unique training process that is available across the United States.

You can become a provider in as little as two days time with training. This is a great opportunity to offer a non-invasive option to your patients. 

Go to our website at to see some of our happy patients, and learn more about our process and how it works. Or call us at 727-231-6689.