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Women: Hair Surgery Isn't the Solution for Hair Loss!

If you are a woman who is dealing with hair thinning, orhair loss, it would be wise to consider other options before going the route of transplant surgery, or drugs or PRP, painful injections. Cellustrious, is a non-invasive, painless treatment for hair loss and a good alternative option for most women, as it is not a drug, surgery, and does not have any known side effects. 

So, why is it that women with hair loss should do if they don’t want to consider surgery?

"The reason is that hair loss is very complex and in most cases, surgery does not solve the underlying problem, as hair loss is chronic and progressive, and in the case of most women, it is hormone related. The truth is that moving hair from one side of the scalp to another, as is done with FUT and FUE,  is not resolving the real, underlying problem," says trichologist, collagen restoration therapist, author and trainer, Misti Barnes, of St. Petersburg, Florida.

It is a fact that, for most women, surgery is not often an option, because the area where the donor hair is being moved is not strong enough to be moved to another part of the scalp. Still, many doctors offer the surgery solution to women and men and it is not the best solution,  especially for women.

Most women are dealing with hormone problems, or other issues in the body that are causing the hair loss, and surgery will not help these problems. We need to deal with all of the problems that are causing the hair loss. 

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