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Does Low Level Laser Therapy Really Help Hair Loss?

Many people who have hair loss have looked at options such as drugs, painful injections, and often surgery, in an effort to stop the loss. 

Other folks try things like low level laser therapy (LLLT), which is administered through wearable caps stationary panels, handheld ones or brushes.

At the LLLT is usually dispensed by a red light-emitting diode. It has been said to encourage hair growth and improve the strength of the hair fiber as it helps microcirculation, and enhances the hair papilla’s ability to produce cellular energy ATP.

However, for those with hair loss the results have been less than stellar.

"I've found LLLT to be less effective for my patients than microneedling with peptides," says Misti Barnes, trichologist and hair loss expert at Cellustrious® in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Cellustrious® uses microneedling and a combination of a home stamp to increase the micro-circulation to enhance the ATP in a more effective manner.  

"It's the penetration of the peptides and the triggering of the wound-growth response that the microneedling provides that makes it work so well," says Barnes.

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