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Cellustrious® Scalp Stamp

The Cellustrious® Scalp Stamp is a unique delivery system created to increase penetration of the products while increasing angiogenesis, which is key to healthy skin and hair.

Clinical studies have shown the benefits of micro-wounding on the scalp increases hair growth.


  • Apply 3 drops of the Cellustrious® Growth Booster Hair Serum to troublesome areas and massage in
  • Do not rinse out
  • Immediately apply the Cellustrious® Scalp Stamp over the area where the serum is, applying medium pressure,  to push the serum into the scalp. Stamp each area you have applied serum to 3 times, in total.

Our Scalp Stamp features 148 titanium microneedles at 0.75mm depth. 

 (Lasts approximately 4 months)