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Acne & Scar Revision, Micropigmentation Treatments, Lakewood Ranch, FL


Misti Barnes is a certified Collagen Induction Therapist, as trained by one of the developers of microneedling while at the Grossman Burn Center, in Los Angeles.

This technique can target scars with total precision, without tearing delicate skin, while stimulating collagen and elastin. Micro “pens” and “rollers” used in many MedSpas are general approaches that stimulate collagen only and can cause more scarring.

“Misti treated my acne scars. I’d tried everything and nothing worked until this. It took several sessions which Misti did explain, but boy was it worth it. The deep scars are filled in now and the texture of my skin is really different. I’d recommend Misti to anyone with acne problems or scarring!”
-STEPHANIE E., South Bend, IN


Whether it’s scar camouflage, scalp pigmentation, post-surgical scars, areola re-pigmentation or acne scar removal, Misti has a master’s hand when it comes to the skin.

She specializes in the most natural looking results, whenever possible, withoutthe use of lasers or invasive injections.


  • Non-invasive treatments create new collagen, elastin and capillaries to be formed, and new skin cells to be created.
  • Soft, smooth, even-textured skin that you’ll (finally!) be proud of.
  • This painless treatment can reduce new and old acne scars.
  • Treatments are effective over all parts of the body.
  • Reduces old and new stretchmarks, laser and post-surgical scarring.
  • 4-8 treatments are generally required over a period of time.

"Misti made it perfect!! She is seriously brilliant!"

“After a double mastectomy, and reconstruction surgery, due to breast cancer, I wanted to do areola pigmentation tattooing. Because the tattooing is permanent, I was really worried about needing to get it right the first time.  Misti made it perfect!!  Misti has a keen understanding of her art and her profession and is open to answering all the questions I had. She is seriously brilliant!!

I would trust Misti completely on any of her services… I’m forever grateful.”  -KIM A.,

"Misti is highly skilled, caring and very thorough."

“Misti is an exceptional professional – highly skilled, caring and very thorough. I had a skin correction procedure, and already have good results. She stays up on the latest procedures and her knowledge is cutting-edge. I highly recommend her!  -DIANNA L.

“If you have acne scars, wrinkles or sun damage you NEED to talk to Misti!"

"She was so amazing about taking time to explain the science of how skin treatments work so I can make the best decision. She didn’t try to sell me a generic solution, she took the time to understand what I wanted and created a path for me to get there!”  -SHAUNA G.

"Misti doesn’t just give you cookie-cutter, one style fits all treatments."

“Misti really wants happy customers and she goes the extra mile. She shows her concern and takes extra care to make the end result look natural. She doesn’t just give you cookie-cutter, one style fits all treatments, and since it’s on your face and body, that’s important!”            –JANICE S.