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General Cellustrious® Questions

Misti has 2 locations and offers limited concierge services.

601 7th St. S #565 St. Petersburg, FL 33701

6050 State Rd. 70 E., Unit B, Bradenton, FL 34203

Contact us here, or (941) 205-5929.

Any healthy adult between the ages of 18-65 is an excellent candidate regardless of ethnicity or gender.

Yes, Cellustrious® has been used by people with various compromised health conditions. You can schedule a Cellustrious® Trichological Exam for an in-depth review of your situation. You can also contact uswith any questions you may have.

We recommend you discuss your situation with your primary physician.

Cellustrious® Professional patients typically see results within 3 months. If you're using Cellustrious® exclusively at home, it may take a little longer because the professional application in the office helps jumpstart growth.

The Cellustrious® product line is a proprietary blend of clinically-tested, plant-based ingredients. and are manufactured in FDA Compliant Labs in the United States. As with any product, you should read the label for any known allergies.

Cellustrious® Professional Services

Cellustrious® Professional Services can help you get the hair you want at a fraction of the cost of hair surgery. We do not have a total package price because your hair loss situation is unique, and we never want to charge you for more services than you need. We start our patients with a Cellustrious® Trichological Exam. Typical patients will then schedule a Cellustrious® Professional Treatment and use a Cellustrious® Growth Kit at home. Some clients may also benefit from additional services (e.g., vitamin infusions or oxygen and ozone therapies).
Our telehealth patients start with a Cellustrious® Trichological Exam and use a Cellustrious® Growth Kit at home. Telehealth follow-up appointments are also available.

Cellustrious® products are exactly the same in Cellustrious® Professional Services and Cellustrious® At Home. However, Cellustrious® Professional services offers two distinct advantages: expertise and professional application. With Cellustrious® Professional Services you will get an expert consultation that will help you identify any additional things you can do to boost your results in addition to the products. And you if you're a Cellustrious® Professional Services in office patient, your products will be applied with a proprietary device to help jumpstart your results.

No. We offer Cellustrious® Professional Services via telehealth appointments. There are two primary differences between telehealth and an in-office visit. 1) Telehealth will use photographs of your hair and scalp (instead of a trichoscopy used in the office). However, we can send you a device to increase the zoom capabilities of your smartphone camera. 2) Telehealth patients will self-apply the Cellustrious® products at home (instead of a proprietary device used in the office). However, the same Cellustrious® products are used at home and in the office.

Misti Barnes, the founder of Cellustrious® is serving clients in St. Petersberg, Florida. You can schedule your in-office Cellustrious® Trichological Exam or telehealth appointment with her. We also have a network of authorized Cellustrious® Professional Partners around the nation.

Cellustrious® At Home

No worries. We understand it's easy to start down one path and discover you need a little more help. You have a couple of options. If you have a quick question, you can contact us. Or if you want to discuss your personal situation in greater detail, we'd recommend you schedule a Cellustrious® Professional Services Appointment.

Yes! With Cellustrious® At Home, you are getting the same professional strength products used in Cellustrious® Professional Services.

Shipping & Ordering

We offer a 100 % money back guarantee if the product is defective or damaged. Please contact us to initiate a return.

Yes. Please contact us. If you can cancel your order before it ships, you get a full refund.

If it has already shipped, you will need to contact us to initiate a return.

Please contact us and we'll help get your order corrected.