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I Didn’t Start Out Trying to Grow Hair…

But I made a stunning discovery while treating skin...

You see, I was a certified medical micropigmentation artist and collagen restoration therapist - in fact, I trained under one of the pioneers of microneedling.

My name is Misti Barnes and, I was working for a cosmetic surgeon and began developing my own techniques to improve the results of microneedling for patients with post-surgical scars and burns, using peptides.

Not only did I get great results with skin, but I was shocked to discover new hair was regrowing in areas after severe skin injuries had healed. 

That's when I realized I was onto something big.

The Adventure Begins

I began combining bone marrow stem cells with microneedling on patients with hair loss. During this time I refined the combination of needles, treatment intervals, and application to improve the success of my treatments.

I began sharing my discoveries…and was invited to present my research in journals and at medical conferences. 

I was then asked to participate in hair loss clinical trials and train physicians in my microneedling techniques using bone marrow. 

Ultimately, I was dissatisfied with the inconsistent results from bone marrow, and the other available hair loss solutions. 

I knew my skin treatment protocols had produced new hair growth despite the extensive skin injuries of burn survivors...

So I set out to build on that success.

A Radically Different Approach...

What I created had to be better than anything else out there...

It had to address the root causes of hair loss, not just cover them up. 

It had to be drug-free and good for you…there’s no sense in damaging your body just to get more hair.

The results had to last…unlike hair surgery which hides the problem for a few years... until the next surgery.

I wanted it to be affordable…hair loss is devastating enough, I didn’t want this to be something only the rich could afford... 

Back to the Power of Plant-Based Peptides

I went back to my research and scoured medical and scientific journals for clinical research on the rejuvenation power of peptides.

I was significantly influenced by the work of Dr. Loren Pickart, who studied the rejuvenating actions GHK, and invented GHK-Cu a peptide used for skin and hair regeneration.

I became even more convinced that combining my proprietary microneedling techniques with plant-based peptides could radically change hair restoration. During this time I poured myself into the study of the anatomy and physiology of hair, training with top international professionals, and became a certified Trichologist.

I teamed up with a leading biochemist (former head of R&D for Aveda, L’Oreal, and Estee Lauder), who holds 40 hair-related patents. Together, we led anecdotal trials using the protocols and product lines that would eventually become Cellustrious®.

Changing Lives One Person at a Time

It’s been a wild and thrilling ride, with plenty of hard work, determination, and a relentless commitment to getting the best results for my patients, while improving their health. 

I've been featured on TV, treated numerous executives, celebrities and professional athletes...I've spoken at medical conferences and trained 30+ physicians in my patent-pending protocols...I've had my work published, and Cellustrious® has been the recipient of awards, including "Best Innovation in Hair Rejuvenation"...

But what I'm really proud how Cellustrious® helps real people grow more hair and allows them to start living again.

Are You Ready to Grow Your Hair? We're here to help you rewind the clock on your hair loss!